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Not Fit For Print: Darryl Humphrey?s images, never made it to print, but made it to Fashion Week

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    Not Fit For Print: Darryl Humphrey?s images, never made it to print, but made it to Fashion Week picture

    Not Fit For Print: Darryl Humphrey?s images, never made it to print, but made it to Fashion Week

    Jan 15, 2007   Author:
    Fashion and Advertising photographer Darryl Humphrey has been honoured with two of his unpublished works being exhibited in a nationwide exhibition of the industry?s best photography.

    "Two images in the show! Fantastic! Wonderful work!" (Not Fit For Print judging panel)

    The Not Fit For Print fashion photography exhibition will feature not one but two outstanding photographs created by darryl humphrey - photography. This may be a first for the event to feature two images from the same photographer, which were part of a series of seven entitled 'The Junket'; a photo story shot with the mood of Film Noir, and with influences of old-world glamour from the stars of the 1940's and 1950's.

    Following on from the success of the first event on the West Coast, Not Fit for Print is curating a new show during L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada. These images will be seen by everyone attending the show and all throughout Toronto Fashion week.

    Not Fit for Print is a premiere Fashion Photography exhibit that gives Canada's top Fashion photographers the chance to showcase their best unpublished works. All images must incorporate Canadian fashion design. The selected photos will be auctioned to generate more profit for the charity Kids Up Front - a worthy cause that helps expose disadvantaged children to arts and culture. Sponsors of the show include Lindt Chocolatier, and Harmony Airways.

    The judging panel for the exhibition were members of the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), the curatorial team from The Drake Hotel, and associates from Brady Dahmer Design.

    The invite-only gala opening of the exhibition will coincide with the commencement of the L'Oreal Fashion Week on October 17th at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

    About Darryl Humphrey - Photography
    Darryl Humphrey - Photography creates iconic and stylistic work, reflecting Darryl's interest in people, style, culture and fashion. He studied photography at Central St. Martins in his hometown of London, UK. He worked for several years with the top agencies and cutting-edge designers in London before moving the studio to Vancouver, Canada, in 2000. He continues to work with clients across Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, bringing a distinctive energy to film.

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    tel: 1-866-798-8692