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Coming to Los Angeles, CA

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    Coming to Los Angeles, CA picture

    Coming to Los Angeles, CA

    Jan 30, 2006   Author: Santillo
    Los Angeles - April 1st to 7th, 2006
    - for private photo sessions for models and adventureous couples

    The longing, the passion, the fleeting moments of erotic encounters that we yearn to capture in our mind's eye can be transformed into haunting and evocative portraits by internationally renowned photographer Will Santillo. Only when we stand naked and most vulnerable do we have the opportunity to actually expose the true nature and passions of our being. As the discriminating observer, Will Santillo will capture not only your unique physical beauty but also your inner most private Eros. With his years of experience, Will creates a relaxed and secure atmosphere during your photo session, a space to explore and reveal your inner fantasies - to be sculpted and captured by a master of light and shadow.

    For additional information on session packages see 'SESSIONS' at