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SPECIALITY: beauty, digital, erotic, fashion, fine art, glamour, lingerie, nude, swimwear, works of art
COMPANY: Santillo Photography
COUNTRY: United States
STATE: California
CITY: Los Angeles
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... Will Santillo's current work evokes the elusive dreams and memories of lovers lost -- intimate phantoms of eros past but not quite gone from the landscape of men and women he photographs ...

Will began his studies of photography while at M.I.T., studying under master photographer Minor White and obtaining a degree in Art & Design. He continued his education at the University of Toronto, receiving with a professional degree in architecture. In his long career as a photographer, Will has worked in a variety of fields including: fashion, corporate, architectural, personal and intimate portraiture. He has been published in several major North American consumer and professional publications, and has participated in group shows in New York, Berlin and Toronto. Will?s work was featured in a one-man show in Toronto, and in an expos? for television.

An American with dual citizenship for both United States and Canada, Will works on a regular basis in both New York and Toronto, and often travels for assignments throughout North America.

© Will Santillo
© Will Santillo