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Antonella Castaldo

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  Antonella Castaldo
Antonella Castaldo
SPECIALITY: advertising, portrait, works of art
COMPANY: Antonella Castaldo Photography
CITY: Pistoia
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As an enthusiastic traveler and creative thinker with an interesting feeling for composition, pursuing photography became the obvious choice for a career and life path.
Later, this choice gave birth to her passion of photography as contemporary art and its inherent conceptuality and expression.
For over a decade, Antonella has lived, worked, and traveled to a handful of foreign countries. She credits this path with exposing her to an immense variety of artists as well as some very different cultures.
To date, photography has taken her to many locations in Europe and her current life and work is now based in the U.S. Always the curious type, she often found herself wandering these and their outlying areas with open eyes and a desire to capture the true ?spirit of place and people.? ?
Antonella?s collection is a reflection of these different countries and their cultures. Through her ongoing quest to see the world, she hopes to share some of its scenes that are sometimes overlooked.
She currently works full time as a photographer.

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