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    Holden Luntz gallery picture

    Holden Luntz gallery

    Dec 18, 2006   Author:
    " Looking at Fashion " an exhbit held at the Holden Luntz gallery from November 2006 to December 2006

    A style all their own
    Tastemakers - or slaves to the industry that pays them? We flick through reams of their work in magazines and walk past giant billboards without batting an eyelid, but what do we really think of the role of the fashion photographer? According to the Holden Luntz Gallery, "Fashion photography has always been intrinsically linked to our cultural notions of beauty... relying on the graphic styles of such movements as art deco, pop and minimalism."
    Images by stars such as Frank Horvat, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon are currently on display alongside newer snappers, including Erez Sabag and Patrick de Warren. They all deserve a viewing. Elaine Hake

    Looking at Fashion is at the Holden Luntz Gallery, Florida, until December 16.

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